Hyundai Gensis Coupe Boston, MA

Essential Emergency Supplies Everyone in Boston, MA, Should Have in Their Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Face it, unless you’re insanely fortunate, at some point, you’re going to run into car trouble. It might be something common such as a flat tire or dead battery, or perhaps a more serious issue such as a car accident or broken transmission. As you drive your Hyundai Genesis Coupe every day in Boston, MA, you need to prepare yourself for the untimely mishap. You can’t prevent all car problems, but you can keep important emergency items in your vehicle to reduce the risk of injury so that you arrive home safely. 

Jumper Cables

Everyone in Boston, MA, who drives a car should have a set of these in the trunk. Not only can you come to the rescue of someone with a dead battery, but also, if you can’t get your Hyundai started, a welcome helper could come to your aid. Don’t rely on another driver to have jumper cables. Instead, have them in your car at all times. 

First Aid Kit

Even minor fender benders can cause injury. For things such as cuts, punctures, and head wounds, a first aid kit comes in handy. Plus, depending on where you are in your Hyundai Genesis Coupe, help may be a long way away. Make sure you take inventory of your kit and stock it with items like bandages (of various sizes), tape, tweezers, ointment, antiseptic wipes, disposable gloves, and pain medication. Make sure to replace those items once used.  


If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road outside of Boston, MA, in the middle of the night, especially during the cold winter months, a blanket or two is essential for staying warm. 


Not only can you use water to help your Hyundai Genesis Coupe if it starts to overheat, but, more importantly, you’ll need to stay hydrated while you wait for assistance. Remember, it could be hours before someone rescues you. Keep a case of water in your trunk, and cycle it regularly. 


Don’t rely on the flashlight on your phone to help when you need to change a tire at night. You’re better off using a flashlight so you can quickly get back on the road to Boston, MA, again. 

If you need advice on what other items to keep in your Hyundai Genesis Coupe as you drive each day in and around Boston, MA, the team at Boch Hyundai can help.
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