Hyundai Genesis Coupe Lease Medfield, MA

Reasons to Choose a Hyundai Genesis Coupe Lease in Medfield, MA, and Reasons to Purchase Instead

Though there is some excitement with car shopping, the process can cause some stress and anxiety. Part of the reason this experience can test the mettle of any shopper is because of the financial commitment you are going to make as well as the numerous decisions that confront you. The lease vs. buy debate has raged on for years, but there are some keys to help decide whether to go for a Hyundai Genesis Coupe lease in Medfield, MA. 

Leasing Can Be Friendly to Your Budget

Unless you’re in the fortunate minority and money is no issue, you think a lot about the financial ramifications of your decision when it comes to looking for a car. Spending as little money as possible is critical, which is why so many people in Medfield, MA, choose leasing instead of buying. Leasing has smaller monthly payments and entails lower taxes and registration fees. The best dealerships will even pay for your oil changes and other lube services during the term. In some cases, you may not even need to put anything down. 
Leasing Ensures You Always Have a New Car

If you’re not one to mess around with car repairs, or if you dread the thought of paying for someone to fix mechanical problems, leasing is right for you. You’ll have a new car when you go for a Hyundai Genesis Coupe lease, which means you shouldn’t have to contend with unreliability and expensive repairs. The warranty should cover these costs anyway. 

Buying Lets You Drive More

A major drawback to leasing is that you’ll have some mileage restrictions. If you exceed this, you’ll have to pay a penalty. If you know you’ll pack on the miles, then you should buy. This option has no mileage restrictions. Most leases in Medfield, MA, put an annual 10,000-mile cap on the vehicle, but that won’t be a concern when you get an auto loan. 

Buying Doesn’t Require Excellent Credit

Customers who have questionable credit might not have a shot at a Hyundai Genesis Coupe lease, but they can still secure a car loan. You need a score in the 750-range to lease, but you can find flexible loans to work with if your score is in the 600s or even below. 

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